Cashflow & Capital

The following videos and training manual will help you understand how to use Cashflow and Capital for modelling purposes.


You can access some guides by clicking here:

Cashflow and Capital Guide

How to model the Coronavirus Supplement

How to model the COVID-19 Early Release Superannuation Payment


Fundamentals (Part I):

Fundamentals (Part II):

Live Webinars:

The following webinar will demonstrate how to use Cashflow and Capital to model a contribution to super versus repayment of debt scenario. 

The following webinar will demonstrate a retirement scenario using the Cashflow and Capital module in AdviceOS. It will specifically demonstrate how to accurately model Centrelink entitlements, a once-off lump sum concessional and non-concessional contribution to super and how to structure the settings to account for any income surplus or deficit that may exist.


The below webinar will take you through:

  • Adding entities in Fact Find versus Cashflow and Capital, and when to use one over the other
  • Adding associates and members to the entity
  • How to add a recommendation in Total Portfolio Analysis for an entity
  • How to include an entity in Cashflow and Capital scenario’s (please note, this webinar does not include strategy modelling)

The following live webinar focuses on entity management and provides an introduction to working with entities in Cashflow and Capital. Specifically, topics covered include:

  • How to add an entity to the Fact Find
  • How to track investments and liabilities
  • How to link associates, members, relationships
  • Cashflow and Capital - Introduction
  • SMSF SoA
  • Questions and Answers