Insurance Comparison (Omnium)

Training Manual

To view the Insurance Comparison (Omnium) training manual, click here.

Live Webinar

This Introduction to Insurance Comparison (Omnium) webinar covers:

  • Saving your research as a recommendation,
  • Searching and selecting policies for your client,
  • How to manage excluded products,
  • Comparing policies, 
  • Adding existing policies to the Fact Find,
  • Live Q&A

New features being demonstrated include:

  • Scoring weights,
  • Premium validation,
  • Multi-select
  • Save to Fact Find, and 
  • New charts

The webinar runs for approximately 50-minutes which includes a live Q&A session.

Training Video

The following video provides an over of the Insurance Comparison (Omnium) module. Specifically, this 12-minute video demonstrates:

  • Searching for insurance policies and saving these as recommendations
  • Scoring weights
  • Premium validation and transfer
  • Preset cover settings
  • Save to Fact Find
  • Multi-select
  • New charts