Welcome to the AdviceOS Help Centre

Welcome to the AdviceOS Help Centre

We're here to make your journey using AdviceOS as simple as possible.

Within this Help Centre you will find a number of training materials presented as user guides, short videos & webinars to help you to understand how to use and make the most of your advice software.

The Getting Started section of the help centre is a great place to start, and includes a number of short introductory videos on starting with AdviceOS.

Once you've familiarised yourself with this, we have the following areas of the Help Centre available to you

Settings - A number of guides on how to configure AdviceOS, change settings, create and update templates and how to use datafeeds
Client Management - This area looks at how to manage your clients within AdviceOS including; creating new clients, updating details within Fact Find, managing client records and actions available
Modelling - Broken down into a number of areas, including Product, Insurance, Strategy (including Cashflow & Capital) and Advice via Planbuilder
Compliance - Information on managing compliance within your Practice, including FDS, FTA and Reporting
User & Licensee Management - For those who need to understand how to correctly configure User and Licensee management areas of AOS
Digital Portal - All information related to the digital portal
Integrations - A list of our available integrations and guidelines on how to set these up
Reporting - Details on the available reports and their functionality within AOS
Advice Concepts - Other advice concepts within AOS including Multi Goal & Aged Care
Video Tutorials - A range of video tutorials covering a number of topics within AdviceOS

If you need help or would like further information, you can reach out to the team at info@midwinter.com.au or contact our friendly customer support team available Monday to Friday from 8.30am - 6pm AEST on 1300 882 938.
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