Client Folders

Client Folders


This area of AdviceOS allows you to add and name new folders and sub folders for document storage within Client Records. This ensures that each client has the same folder structure for easy access to documents and consistent management. At the licensee or practice level, this configuration allows the standarisation of folder structures across the licensee or practice (allowing easy client audits).

This area can be accessed by navigating to Settings > Templates and Field Management > Client Folders

Creating a client folder

A client folder can be created at either the Licensee or Practice level.

There are a number of folders pre-existing at the Midwinter level. These cannot be changed or removed

To create a new folder, navigate to the right of the page and click on + Add Top Level Folder. From here you can decide whether you want to create this at the Dealergroup (licensee) or Practice level.

Dealergroup: All users within the dealergroup will be able to view and use these folders
Practice: Only users of that practice will have access to the folders

You will then be prompted with a notification to select the Name of the folder and determine whether it will be a shared folder.

Any folder that has 'Is Shared' ticked, means the folder is shared in the client portal. This means that any files within this folder will be visible to your clients when they log into the client portal. This is useful for documents you want to share directly with your clients.

Once you have added the name and determined whether it will be shared, you can save the new folder. 
You can also edit the folder name and whether it is shared by clicked on the pencil icon.

However, you are unable to delete folders. This must be done by contacting Midwinter as we need to ensure that there are no important files within these folders for any other users.

Creating a subfolder

Once you have created a folder, you can also create any relevant subfolders within.
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