Managing the date range of your widgets

Several widgets on the AdviceOS dashboard allow a user to view certain information over a period of time. For example, the Emails, File Notes, Tasks, Documents or Client Notes widgets will allow you to review relevant content based on the time period selected.

By default, this time is set to this financial year. However, if you find you experience longer load times when navigating to the dashboard, or just wish to control the selected time period, you can manually override this date range.

Setting a default date range

To set up a default date range, click on the settings cog located next to the ‘Period’ field.


This will open up a new dialog box, where you can select a specific time period that you wish to view.


Once you’ve selected the time you wish, you can click on the three dots and choose to set this as the default period. This means that every time you reload to your dashboard, even after logging out and back in, the period filter will be set at the date range you have selected.


This will open a new dialog, allowing you to create a customized date range that suits your needs. You can choose a specific name, start date and end date that works for you or your Practice.