Email Template Management

Email Template Management

Creating email templates

This section allows you to create and edit notifications and email templates.

Navigate to Settings / New Configuration / Email Template Management to start creating your own templates.

1) Choose the owner of the template 

You can only choose the owner either Licensee or Practice. 

2) Choose the template that you would like to create or edit

3) Choose the note type as per the dropdown

Once you have chosen the owner, templates, and note type, you can start creating the template by clicking on create template button.

Once you click on create template, you can start creating your template. 

Refer to the explanation below.

1) You can enter the template/subject name and change the note type when you need to.

2) These are minicodes that you can incorporate in terms of the body of the template.
If you can't find the minicode that you require, please kindly contact our support team.

3) You can start entering the body of the template and incorporate minicodes.

If you are unsure or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support line on 1300 882 938 or

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