The fundsbase module allows you to conduct research and comparison for super, pension, and investment platforms. In this module, you are also able to create your custom platforms on licensee/practice level.

Fundsbase feeds all the data for platforms, fees, and features throughout adviceos. You can also download TMD (target market determination) for investment options in this section.

Superannuation, pension and investment menus (fees, features, and comparison) work in an identical way.


This section is the database of all the fees for product and investment options throughout adviceos.

1) You can search the platform provider by typing the name into the search box.

2) On the right-hand side, you will the more information on when we did the update for the platform fees etc and if the platform has tiered admin fee, you can click on the admin fee and see the breakdown of the tiered admin fee.

3) This screen will provide all the investment options available under the selected platform.
  1.       The eye icon will provide you with more information on the investment option as per the screenshot below. 
  2.       The download icon on the TMD column will allow you to download the TMD document.

Copy Platform

You have the ability to copy the current platform and create a custom platform by clicking on "copy platform" button and choosing whether it will be available for licensee or practice level.

Once you click ok from the above, you will be directed to the custom superannuation screen. You can then add custom investment option or even add investment option from existing platform from other platform.

You also have the ability to delete the custom platform if need be.

Add Custom

Once you made your own platform, you can add custom investment option by clicking "add custom" button

Add Existing

You can also have the option to enter the existing investment option from another platform and add it to your own custom platform.

If you want to add ASX shares or ETF into your custom platform's investment option, search the platform as "ASX"

Once you choose for example : ASX ETFs in the platform, you can search for ETFs under the investment option name field.


This section will provide you with a list of features of the platform.


You can have a broad view of platform fees, features, and investment options in this section. Just click on the  "+" button to expand.

Please note that this section will only be available for "pre-loaded" platform 

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