Introduction to AdviceOS modules

Introduction to AdviceOS modules

On this page there are a number of short videos introducing you to the main modules you may use within AdviceOS.

Each of these areas of AdviceOS also have their own user guides available in the Help Centre, with guidelines on how best to use them, screenshots of different pages and prompts and helpful hints in navigating these pages. Make sure to check out each of these areas by navigating to the Help Centre homepage.

Introduction to CRM & Advanced Admin

This short video covers how to use the CRM and Advanced Admin features in AdviceOS, including:

  • How to add and manage clients in CRM;
  • How to create reports from the CRM
  • ​An overview of the Advanced Admin functions.

Introduction to the Product Module

This short video covers how to use the Product Module in AdviceOS, including:

  • How to run a like-for-like product comparison;
  • How to generate a recommendation;
  • How to generate an SOA aligned to your client's objectives

Introduction to the Insurance Module

This short video covers how to use the Insurance Module in AdviceOS, including:

  • How to determine appropriate insurance cover for your client;
  • How to compare insurance policies side by side;
  • How to use the insurance module with other sections of AdviceOS.

Introduction to the Strategy Module

This short video covers how to use the Strategy Module in AdviceOS, including:

  • How to model a scenario using cashflow and capital;
  • How to model basic and complex recommendations;
  • How to compare scenarios across key metrics.

Introduction to Planbuilder

This short video provides an overview of the PlanBuilder feature in AdviceOS, including:

  • An overview of PlanBuilder;
  • How PlanBuilder links up to other modules in AdviceOS;
  • How objectives, recommendations, outcomes and fees can be easily populated into an editable advice document using PlanBuilder.

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