Manage Rollovers

Manage Rollovers

1. Introduction

This section of Cashflow & Capital allows you to manage all rollovers in and out of your clients superannuation accounts.

You can locate the manage rollovers section by navigating to Modelling > Cashflow and Capital > Manage rollovers.

2. Navigation

Similar to other areas of C&C, you can navigate between your client and partners super accounts by clicking on the member you wish to view. The deep blue bar will indicate which member you currently have selected.

The rollovers section is broken down into three key areas.
  1. High level information on the superannuation account and relevant client information which will impact the modelling.
  2. Options to include rollovers between super and pensions or SMSFs within the modelling
  3. Graph of super and pension balance for the selected client

3. General Information

In this section you are presented with mainly general information on your clients accounts, and the ability to make certain choices within the modelling.

Most of these fields are locked and cannot be modified as they are based on information previously entered into other C&C sections such as Settings & Super. You will need to navigate to these areas to make changes.

There are three fields you can modify in this section
  1. Retirement date - the date that your client retires
  2. Implement TTR? - when ticked, allows you to include a transition to retirement pension within the modelling scenario. When this is selected, an additional field will appear below.
  3. Add second ABP? - when ticked, allows you to include a second pension account within your scenario. This is generally used when you want to model an entirely tax free pension account and a pension account with a taxable portion.

4. Creating rollovers

Rollovers can be managed in the bottom section of this page, including transition to retirement pensions, account based pensions, rollbacks to super & smsf rollovers

4.1. Transition to retirement 

Once you tick the implement TTR box, an additional field will appear.

If you press Save and Refresh you'll also notice that an additional field will appear in the navigational menu on the left. This page helps you to manage your TTR scenario. For more information please visit the TTR & Pension page within the Help Centre.

Here you can determine the date of rollover, the amount or whether it's a full balance. As you can see below, the super account has an amount of $250,000 rolling into a TTR on Nov 2024.

4.2. Account based pensions

As mentioned above, you can set up two account based pensions within your scenario.

The fields here are similar to the TTR including; the date to roll, the amount and whether it will be the full balance and which pension account it is rolled into.

You can also create multiple pension rollovers into the pension environment. In the image below you can see three rollovers in 2024, 2026 and 2028. While you cannot add additional funds into an existing pension product, as this module is just for modelling purposes it assumes the new money and existing pension are combined into the same pension environment. 

The above situation is slightly different to using 2 pension accounts as you can see in the below image. Here, the second rollover of $150,000 is held in a separate pension account paying a secondary pension income. This changes the drawdown and potential tax implications of cashflow for your client when receiving the two separate pension payments.

4.3. Rollback to super

This section allows you to rollback funds sitting within the pension account back into the super environment. You can choose from either pension account if you have set up two pensions, and can also create multiple rollbacks to see. It also has the other similar fields such as date of rollback, the rollback amount and whether it will be a full rollback.

4.4. SMSF

This allows you to roll funds from super into your SMSF, again similar fields as the above sections with date and amount. You can also add multiple rollovers into the SMSF.

Note that when the funds from the super account are rolled into the SMSF, they will be invested into the cash account and need to be directed into the appropriate investments as per your clients circumstances.
This needs to be completed within the Entities > SMSF section of C&C.

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